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Welcome to platypus

By 25 February 2019News

The Macadamia Castle was terribly disappointed to be forced to temporarily close on Friday afternoon due to the storms caused by Cyclone Oma but staff were delighted to find a platypus had taken up residence on their return. 

“Our resident platypus expert, Keeper Reanna Mike, was thrilled to discover a wild platypus had moved into our pond during the storm”.

“We haven’t managed to determine age or sex as yet as we are giving the platypus lots of space to make itself comfortable and hope he or she might stay around for a while”.

“I’m sure our pond seemed like a very safe waterway during what was a very wild weekend and we welcome the platypus with open arms in what will be a secure place away from threats from cars and introduced animals”,he concluded.

The Macadamia Castle is now back to normal operating hours from 8am-5pm every day of the week. 

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