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Threatened Species Day

By 7 September 2021News
Today, September 7, is National Threatened Species Day. A day commemorated across the country to raise awareness of plants and animals at risk of extinction.
Australia is home to more than 500,000 animal and plant species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Over the last 200 years, more than 100 animal and plant species have become extinct. In NSW alone there are close to 1000 animal and plant species at risk of extinction.
Threatened Species Day is when we turn the spotlight on native plants, animals, and ecosystems that are under threat and reflect on how we can protect them now and into the future.
At The Macadamia Castle, we are lucky to be home to several vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species including: 
  • The Spencers Tree Frog – critically endangered
  • Ramsay and Isis our Woma Pythons – endangered
  • Alfie our Koala – vulnerable
  • Green and Golden Bell Frog – vulnerable
If, like us, you want to help conserve our unique plants and animals for generations to come, here are a few ways:
  • Plant trees for our threatened wildlife in your own backyard.
  • Report a sighting of a threatened animal.
  • Make a donation.
  • Slow down when driving in areas with wildlife.
  • Keep your cats and other domestic animals indoors at night.
  • Like many of our declining frog species, the main threats are loss of wetlands, pollution and introduced predators. You can help them by not putting chemicals down the sink, making frog-friendly ponds and gardens, and by helping to preserve our remaining wetlands.
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We truly believe that we can make a difference by working together ❤