Macadamia Castle Frog Pod Conservation Research Centre

We are thrilled to be the home to the Frog Pod Conservation Research Centre.

The ‘Frog Pod’ is a 40ft shipping container; refurbished and purpose fitted out as a research, rescue and release facility for the conservation of threatened (local) amphibian species.

The Pod, which was created for us by the Amphibian Research Centre arrived in early February 2014.

Our pod is built with the latest innovation and technology and is used as the benchmark example for design standards for such facilities by Amphibian Ark – a global project dedicated to stemming the extinction crisis faced by amphibian species the world over (a project notably supported by David Attenborough).

Frogs are facing the biggest extinction crisis since the dinosaurs disappeared!

Close to one third of all amphibian species are threatened with extinction. Studies indicate that more than 120 species have disappeared globally in recent years and are becoming extinct faster than at any other time in their 360-million-year history.
Amphibians are threatened by habitat loss, pollution, and climate change, but more urgently by the spread of the Amphibian chytrid fungus (pronunciation: (ki’trid). What is most disturbing is that these losses are also occurring within well-protected conservation reserves, particularly from high elevation rainforest streams.

The Macadamia Castle is proud and excited to be a part of the Global Conservation plan to help reduce the risk of losing frog species by building a rescue and research centre or ‘Frog Pod’ in our Animal Park. This crisis represents one of the greatest species conservation challenges in the history of humanity and we are committed to being part of the global fight.

Amphibian extinction is a global crisis requiring political support from all corners of the world. We are happy to announce that we are undertaking this project in partnership with the Australian Government’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, along with frog expert Dr David Newell from Southern Cross University and Amphibian Ark (AArk).
The Frog Pods viewing platform is open and features an environmental educational experience and a chance to see conservation work at its finest.

We offer keeper talks for Park visitors every day where you can meet some of our frogs and learn more about our conservation programme plans.

See our activity schedule for times.